'From Punk To Ultra: The Plurex Story' compilation out 19 July 2024

From Punk To Ultra: The Plurex StoryFrom Punk To Ultra: The Plurex Story compiles all of the Plurex label's Proto-Post-Punk singles from 1978-’80 A-sides onto one LP and all the B’s to another.

The album is available to pre-order via sundazed.com and is out on 19 July 2024. It's also available on CD. 

This long-awaited compilation album features liner notes from Jim Allen in conversation with Plurex Founder and Minny Pops' leader Wally van Middendorp. 


Mollesters - Plastic
Ze Popes - Sexy Pyjamas
Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher
Minny Pops - Footsteps
Interior - Bizarre Disco
Minny Pops - Nervous
Bandt + Instruments - Sweet Bananas
The Mumbles - Poly Vinyl 
Filth - Don't Hide Your Hate 
Bandt + Instruments - Special Agreement
Minny Pops - Mental (live)
Tits - We're So Glad Elvis' Dead
The Mumbles - Collision
Ze Popes - Sell Jesus
Interior - Jaws Filth - Sex
Bandt + Instruments - Words
Minny Pops - Night Out (live)
Filth - Nothing For Me
Minny Pops - Kojak
Mollesters - I Am
Jan Van De Gronde Groep - Vlinder
Minny Pops - Dolphin's Spurt (live)